7 Signs You Need Date Night Dancing

There you are trying to find romance over a chain restaurant burger while you disagree about what film you should see at the local cinema—Hooray, it’s date night. Maybe the monotony of dinner and a movie is getting you down. Here are the signs dancing might be right for your date night…

1. You want to touch her. Nothing like an instructor insisting you take dance hold to legitimize putting your arms around her. And, if it’s been awhile since you actually embraced, it’s nice to be offered direction: “Slide your hand down his shoulder until you find where his deltoid meets bicep”… “Put your hand on her shoulder blade”…. “Hold her right hand with your left.” One of the nicest things about dance is that you actually touch each other.

2. You want him to understand you better. Recall that 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. Guess what uses your body to communicate? Right. Dance does. You can get him to practice non-verbal communication skills by learning dance with him. Viola! Now he’s listening to your non-verbal cues and your relationship reaches great heights of understanding.

3. You are tired of being the couple that has a panic attack when the DJ begins the party at social gatherings (Or worse, you are the couple that awkwardly manages to bruise nearly everyone on the dance floor.) Don’t let your significant other neglect his social dance etiquette education. Learn at least the basics of good dance craft and count yourself among those that are graced with social dance skills.

(Bonus: when your little girl weds, you will know how to maneuver through the traditional father-daughter dance without embarrassment.

4. You’d like your significant other to retain their razor sharp mental skills for a long time. Dancing wards off Alzheimer’s and dementia. Really. There’s a study. It must be true.

5. You are bored. You need something to actually do. You are tired of going to the movies to sit and watch people on screen doing things. You want to be an engaged, active participant in a vibrant, exciting, fantastical something. Ballroom dancing is a structured, social activity that will not only fill the evening with entertainment, but also provides something for you to continue to do together after you leave the studio.

6. You need a NEW significant other---stay with me here. The secret to keeping romance fresh and interesting is to discover something new to love in the one you love. Dancing indulges your alter-ego. Who knew your engineering boyfriend had a sultry-tango-side? Fall in love all over again when you realize dancing brought out a sexy side of your someone.

7. The treadmill is a dull way to get in your step count. But dancing isn't!

The music plays, you move, and suddenly you are exercising without being aware of the calorie burn. Why do you think dancers have great physiques?

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