2020-21 Team Auditions             June 27, 2020             

Come join the award winning Davis County Ballroom and have the time of your life performing and competing on our successful teams. Ballroom divisions include Pee Wee (K-2), PreTeen (3-6 grade), Junior (7-9 grade) Youth (10-12 grade). Please read everything on this page and fill out the registration form at the bottom. We can only take as many girls as we have boys.... so please spread the word.



  • Fill out and submit the audition registration form below.  (FILL IT OUT EVEN IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND SO WE HAVE A WAY TO GET AHOLD OF YOU.)


  •  Audition fee $10 per dancer (Pee Wee fee  $5). Please bring payment with you to the audition in the form of cash or check. 


  •  Please review, print, sign and bring the Team  Requirement/ Disclosure Agreement to your audition. NEW 2020-2021 Disclosures will be available for download & emailed out to everyone registered for auditions on June 22nd. 


  • Each dancer auditioning for the Performance teams will show up the day of the audition to learn some choreography and then perform it. 


  • Each dancer auditioning for Competition and Medley Teams will be required to audition the following: 

    • Syllabus Waltz 

      • Can use your own or learn one at Audition Prep Classes

    • Syllabus Samba 

      • Can use your own OR learn one at Audition Prep Classes

    • Non-partnering Choreography 

      • Short routine that can be learned at Audition Prep Classes OR learned on the spot at the audition. 

    • Partnering Choreography 

      • Short routine to be learned & performed at the auditions. 


  • Auditions to be held at Davis County Ballroom: 967 N McCormick Dr, Suite 2, Layton, UT 84041. 

    • If for some reason you can't attend our auditions in person, you are welcome to send in a video of yourself dancing a Syllabus Waltz and Syllabus Samba. You are also welcome to send in one additional video of you performing with a team. Please upload your audition videos to Youtube and send us a link to DavisCountyBallroom@gmail.com    


Feel more confident at auditions by joining our Audition Prep Classes.



Saturday June 27th, 2020


PERFORMANCE TEAMS                                        9:00 AM -10:00 AM

(7th - 12th grade)


JUNIOR MEDLEY TEAM                                         9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

(7th - 9th grade)


PERFORMANCE TEAMS                                       12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

(3rd - 6th grade)

YOUTH MEDLEY TEAM                                         12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

(10th -12th grade)

JUNIOR & YOUTH COMPETITION TEAMS            3:00 PM - 4:30 PM  

(7TH - 12TH grade) 

PEE WEE TEAM                                                     3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

(K - 2nd grade)     


(3rd - 6th grade) 


Click on the registration link below OR use a desktop to register for the audition by filling out the form below (Filling out the form on your phone is problematic.)  MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND PRESS SUBMIT!

Studio Health Guidelines


  • All staff/students will be required to go through symptom check in before entering the facility. This includes temperature checking. 


  • All staff/students will be required to wear face coverings/masks when entering and exiting the building. Mask wearing for staff/students during dance class is suggested, but optional; especially if dancing is aerobic in nature.  


  • All staff/students will be required to bring a water bottle. The drinking fountain will be off limits until further notice. 


  • All staff/students will enter the building, wash hands, and go directly to their assigned studio. NO gathering/congregating in front, around drinking fountains, or bathrooms will be allowed. IF staff/students have a break between classes/individual practice, they may wait in the studio space or wait outside until the next class. 


  • Upon arrival all staff/students will wash hands, and will use hand sanitizer before leaving class for the day. 


  • Parents will NOT be allowed into the facility, unless they are there to help or be in attendance for individual practice/lessons. (Please let staff know if you would like to be in attendance).


  • We discourage the use of the bathroom, but do not intend to hold anyone from using it if needed. PLEASE encourage your students to take care of bathroom needs before coming for class. 


  • The bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected between each group of students coming through the studio. 

  • All touchable surfaces will be disinfected between each group of students coming through the studio. 

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Studio Phone: 385-319-7106 OR Text: 801-529-2025  

Email: Premierballroomacademy@gmail.com

967 N McCormick Dr, Suite 2, Layton, UT 84041

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