We are DCB!

Davis County Ballroom is located in Layton, Utah and provides ballroom dance instruction for ages 5-105. We have national dance competition teams as well as performance teams, technique classes, private lessons, workshops and special "Date Night Dancing" for adults. With so much to offer, nobody will be left out.

FREE Workshop

A workshop for beginning ballroom dancers will be held in May. Register for the workshop by Sunday, 25 January and it is Free! If you are registering after the deadline you can still attend for the regular price. $15. We will notify you by email which day(s) they will be. You can sign up anyone-- a beginner or an experienced dancer, 1st Grade -12th Grade.


Adult Date Night Dancing


Finally something to do other than dinner and a movie!

Come see what all the fun is about. Ballroom dance lessons for adult couples.

Fall schedule is available. Click "sign up" button.

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Ballroom Divisions

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 30-31 - Provo Tournament (Medley/Comp)
  • Feb 21 - Timpanogos (individual only)
  • Feb 28 - Utah Classic (Medley/Comp)
  • Mar 11-14 - BYU Nationals (Medley Only)
  • Mar 27-28 - Gem State (Medley/Comp)
  • Mar 30 - Apr 3 - Spring Break
  • Apr 30 - Spring Concert Rehersal
  • May 2 - Spring Concert at Ogden High

If you are new and wanting to take a beginning ballroom class, these are the classes you should register for.

  • Bronze 1 - Fridays 3:30-5 (for 7th-12th graders)
  • Pre Teen Bronze 1 - Tuesdays 7-7:45 (for 3rd-6th graders)

Utah Ballroom Website

Information and registration links for all competitions can be found at the Utah Ballroom website. Information will also be provided in the team area.